About me

Barbara BoberSocial Ads Scientist & Strategist

Welcome! My name is Barbara Bober.

I’m a social advertising strategist, Facebook Ad expert with a unique approach that blends social organic traffic with paid social traffic.

Problem solver with profound insights into life, business and people’s mind to create the best possible solutions.

I teach proven models, strategies and tactics that I use for my clients and myself to get more customers and sales.

Interested in social psychology, personal development, photography and videography.

Business Manifesto:

I committed:
  1. Run sustainable, ethical business  by creating value that brings win-win situation for everyone. Give more than is expected.
  2. Place education by sharing my knowledge, insights and expertise at the core of my services to build trust and as a way to establish a new business relationship.
  3. Make marketing more humanistic that is based upon on honesty, integrity, giving value, empathy and kindness. To use marketing to solve other’s people or businesses’ problems and make the world better place for all.
Science of Social
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