How to Determine Who Your  Ideal Customer (Avatar) Is

If you’re like a majority of business owners or marketing professionals, most likely you instinctively Avatarunderstand that a major key that unlocks the doors of success comes with knowing who your ideal customer is. 

However, have you ever sat down to create an outline for a presentation, a blog post or video script, and then drew nothing but blanks? 

Not because of fear or some other emotional dilemma, but simply because you just didn’t know with any degree of certainty what it is your ideal prospect, or customer wants or needs from you. 

Adding to this is the knowledge that speaking to, and using the right tone is also imperative if you are to reap the kind of results you are aiming for. And of course, you realize that guessing about who is your ideal customer just won’t make the grade…It’s too risky and critical, making it crucial you get it right.

It boils down to this. 

As a marketer or business owner, there’s nothing worse than not understanding who it is you’re serving and why. This can be and has been the death of a business.

So, how do you discover who your ideal customer avatar is?

The following will eliminate the guesswork and help you determine who exactly is your ideal (avatar) customer.

Fact: Your ideal customer avatar represents your one single PERFECT customer. Avatar

This one single person is the potential customer who wants and needs YOUR content, YOUR product, or YOUR services. This is also a person that you LOVE to work with. 

There are specific ways to home in on who this person is: what they like, what they don’t like, what their aspirations are, and most importantly, what their fears are. 

When you know all this, you won’t sit at your desk not knowing what to create or to say in your next blog post or presentation. 

You’ll be happily creating solutions that address their wants and needs, something they’ll pay for.

The following questions are ones that will help you narrow down a profile of your ideal customer, as well as provide you with questions you can ask them, either on-line directly or in a survey, or even over the phone.

The answers to these queries will reveal to you in-depth insights in respect to how your ideal customers think, and behave. 

Having this data in hand will allow you to interact and engage your customers, increase your sales leads, sell more and build loyalty between your brand and your customers. 

    1. Are they male or female?
    2. What do they look like (Be specific – hair/eye colour, height, weight)?
    3. How old are they?
    4. Are they single, married, divorced, widowed?
    5. If they have children, how many and how old?
    6. What type of education do they have?
    7. What do they do to earn a living?
    8. What books or type of books do they read?
    9. What are their favourite blogs to read? Podcasts? Why do they like them?
    10. Where do they hang out online? (Instagram, FB, Twitter, Email inbox, Pinterest?)
    11. What person do they love to follow online?
    12. Who or what inspires them?
    13. What do they like to do in their free time?
    14. Are they happy with where they are in life? Either way, why?
    15. And this is a big one…What is their biggest pain or point of frustration in life? What keeps them up at night? What do they struggle with?

Now that you are armed with this information and know some intimate details about your Ideal Customer Avatar, go and reach out to them, talk to them on-line, in person, or over the telephone. 

Help them with their questions, encourage them where they’re frustrated and provide them with the products and services that will enrich their lives and keep them coming back for more!

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