How To Implement And Measure Your Social Media Strategies

It is essential to set goals that are achievable for all social media marketing activities that you perform to ensure that you don’t waste valuable resources, time and money. Otherwise, you could end up with a lot of frustration. It is very important that each marketing strategy is tested and measured.

This certainly includes social media strategies. You must never lose sight of what the main purpose of social media is, which is to use it as a means of promoting your business. If you don’t, you could also end up wasting time on it and just be messing around instead of using social media in a strategic and productive way.

In order to achieve your goals, it is important to write them down first. An example of an achievable goal would be- “Increase company sales by 5% within 60 days.” Next, you need to discover and develop methods to verify that you have achieved your goals. Testing as well as evaluating metrics are the ways to do this. You create your goal first, then you figure out how you are going to achieve your goal (strategy). Next, do your testing and evaluating (metrics).

How To Implement And Measure Your Social Media Strategies

Here are the steps to take:

1. Determine Your Goals
2. Figure Out Your Strategy
3. Perform The Strategy
4. Study Your Metrics
5. Repeat The Process

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can’t accomplish anything that you don’t name or plan for. You can’t create a map for getting to your destination if you don’t know where you are headed to in the first place.

Without quantifying your efforts, you won’t be able to determine if you have achieved your goals. One of the major reasons why businesses fail is because they don’t have a plan, they don’t follow a plan, and they don’t track any metrics to ensure their goals are achievable or that their plan is working.

Determine Your Goals 

Goals that are achievable are short term, small goals. The way you create a short term, the small goal is to first determine your long term goal. Then break this goal down into manageable pieces. For example, if you would like to increase your blog traffic by 100% in a year, you will need to first determine what traffic you are currently getting. Next, determine what rate of growth you need to have each month in order for you to accomplish increasing your traffic by 100% in a year.

Figure Out Your Strategies

Once you have set a goal, you need to determine what actions you need to take in order to accomplish your goals. These actions could include the use of social media in a more strategic way. You might want to create your own social media calendar to use to help you stick to your plan. Here is an example of what your social media calendar could look like:

Monday through Friday (10 a.m., 4 p.m., 9 p.m.)- Auto share new blog posts (the blog posts were either written by yourself or a ghostwriter according to your publication calendar)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (8 a.m., 1 p.m., 6 p.m.)- Re-tweet informative and useful content to followers

Tuesday and Thursday (11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 11 p.m.)- Introduce new products (this can be done through blogging if everything has been set up to work automatically)

Daily (8 a.m.)- Spend 10 minutes personally answering direct messages.

Weekly – post two articles to article marketing sites. Also, shares these articles via social media.
Once you have it all written down, make sure that you follow through and do it, or you can also delegate tasks. Just make sure it gets done. No plan will succeed unless you carry out the steps that are necessary to make it happen, no matter how long you think about it or wish for it. When it comes down to it, success requires action.

Study Your Metrics

Before starting a new campaign, be sure to check the metrics you have currently using Google Analytics or whatever system you use. Next, choose a specific time every month or week to review the data once again. Keeping track of the data on a spreadsheet is a good way of having all of your information in one place. Track visitors, new comments, subscriber rates and number of people that are sharing or re-tweeting your information. You can hire a VA and use Google Drive to track this information.

If you discover the strategies you are using are working well and the results are satisfactory to you, repeat them. If you’d like to ramp up something or change one tactic, make sure to just change one or part of a tactic at first. This way you will be able to really measure it and test how that one specific change may affect results in the future.

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