Tailoring Facebook to Your Business Goals

If you don’t know what Facebook is, chances are you’ve just returned from seventeen years lost in the mountain jungles of Patagonia. Realizing its actual importance in today’s online marketing, however, is something lots of online entrepreneurs miss.

Just to make things clear, Facebook holds #2 page rank in Alexa and Compete.com rankings, with over 41 million visits daily. (Google is still number one and YouTube is chasing Facebook at number three.

Facebook’s book’s reach has climbed steadily over the last twelve months. SEO experts attribute this to two major factors:

  1. The here-to-stay phenomenon of “social search”
  2. Facebook’s ease of access by both PC — and mobile device

In other words, you can access Facebook on your mobile phone. And millions of your customers do.

How to Use It

Top entrepreneurs advise separating your personal and business interests on Facebook by creating a Facebook Fan Page for your business.

You can brand your business page — as well as stop people from seeing overly personal posts on your Facebook Wall by making your personal page private and “Friends Only”. (Notice that business connections who are already “Friends” will still see your general Wall.)

If you’ve decided to allow both business and personal connections to see your general Wall, remember the Golden Rule of “what would interest my subscribers?” before posting about being in a foul mood this morning.   Don’t create posts like “Babysitting again — ugh!” if your business revolves around “Caring Parenting” or sound off about “needy clients” driving you up the wall if you’re hoping to attract new ones (and not alienate the existing one you were just dealing with five minutes before your post).

If you really can’t hang out on Facebook at the time your audience likes to, don’t despair. If the rest of your marketing efforts are highly focused, you can set your own time — and if you’ve provided high-value information in other online venues, prepare to be surprised as you watch people log on at your preferred time, just to “catch” you, live.

There’s only one real “must” when it comes to tailoring Facebook to your business: Focus on your audience — on what would interest them most.

To do that, analyze your business benefits and services, and share those most suited to this goal.

Your biggest Facebook tool will be your Facebook Page. It’s a real time-saver because, once it’s set up, you can let it run on autopilot most of the time, with a daily check and comment by you to keep interest alive.

Tips and Tricks

The key to a powerful Facebook Page is interaction. In order to encourage it, always remember the principle of “calls to action”:

  • Provide links and posts that actively incite comment
  • Ask irresistible questions people just can’t help answering
  • Engage your reader’s emotions
  • Invite readers to share your link or leave feedback.
  • Share powerful links, ending with call-to-action statements such as: “Want to see more links like this?”
  • Use viral YouTube or website-linked, short video posts
  • Make sure your comments are enabled on your Facebook page!
  • Pique curiosity

How Do You Keep Up with the Changes?

Rather than waiting to learn about new Facebook developments from your peers and competitors, stay ahead of the wave by checking originating authorities yourself.

Spend a minute or two daily glancing at the official Facebook blog to see what this ever-changing network is unrolling.

For explanations, analyses and practical reviews of these changes, cross-check with other authority sources such as the Facebook tab on the TechCrunch blog.


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